Custom Shopify Development

Shopify is fantastic. We know how to make it better.

Valier can help your eCommerce site sell more product on your Shopify store, and stand out in the process.

Valier makes Shopify work harder for you

What is the central point of a Shopify site? To sell products. You can’t do that effectively without optimizing your conversion rate, capturing abandoned carts, upselling, and exploring subscription product solutions.

Shopify does a decent job of helping eCommerce businesses get off the ground by providing fast, modern themes that are reasonably customizable, but once you get done injecting your content, you basically have a site that looks and performs like most other eCommerce sites. The fact is, a cookie-cutter eCommerce site isn’t going to cut it. You need a branded Shopping experience that outperforms your competitors.

Customize Popular Shopify Themes

We want to make sure your online presence is true to you and your brand by customizing popular themes like Dawn, Turbo, and Debut.


Dawn is Shopify’s flagship theme that ships with Online Store 2.0. It’s fast, extremely customizable, and the perfect starting point for almost any brand, large or small. But is just that, a starting point.


Turbo is one of the most popular themes from Out of The Sandbox, one of the premier Shopify theme developers. For our clients using Turbo, we have unlocked better customizability and have dramatically sped up key features like the add to car functionality. We make Turbo even faster.


Debut was Shopify’s flagship theme prior to Dawn being released. It’s still a great theme and we can customize it significantly to make it better. We can also upgrade your store from Debut to Dawn so that you can leverage all of the new OS 2.0 features.

Custom Dynamic Shopify Sections

Create custom dynamic Shopify sections that can be used on products, pages, and blog posts. We create unique layouts of images, text and video that suit your brand’s needs and vision. We also integrate contact forms from your CRM and create custom styling, like code to switch from light to dark mode for your site along side many other features you can’t get from the app store.

Start Selling Subscriptions Through ReCharge

ReCharge is our go-to subscription management solution. With key features like an intuitive customer portal and a subscription management backend, ReCharge comes packed with the tools you need to start selling subscriptions today. With ReCharge you can also give customers more options than just cancelling a subscription, like pausing, skipping a month, or even swapping out products so that they can see more of what your brand offers.

theAnswer – Better subscription management for the magazine industry

ReCharge and Shopify do a decent job of selling subscriptions for industries like skincare, but they come up short when used for magazine subscription businesses. To rectify this, we developed theAnswer – a tool for improving the subscription management features in Shopify and ReCharge.

Automation with Klaviyo

Klaviyo helps keep businesses involved with their customers by sending personalized emails that help boost conversions rates. They also help with repeat sales by giving you the ability to create custom automations like cross-selling, back in-stock, and price drop notifications for your customers.