Essential WordPress Management
& Optimization

Give your business a fast, secure and effective online presence

Stay lean and mean with this affordable WordPress management and optimization package for startups

This plan is designed to provide the most essential components of a fast, secure, up-to-date website while not breaking the bank. Simply put, we don’t recommend that any WordPress site owner runs their site with anything less than what is included in this package.

We will work constantly to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that your site outperforms the competition and gives your brand the presentation it deserves.


What’s included

Optimization Essentials

WordPress optimization is a must, and this plan includes the essential features to keep your site performing. This includes configuration, monitoring, and management of essential optimization services. While this plan does not include the lofty goals of the premium plan (which includes a 90+ score on PageSpeed Insights), it does offer powerful caching tools, script and styling minification, and other important measures to speed up your website.

Optional Premium Hosting (no additional cost)

Host your website on our premium SiteGround server, featuring UltraFast PHP and QUIC (eventually HTTP/3) at no additional cost.
This ain’t your average hosting solution.

“QUIC considerably increases site loading speed when you have poor connectivity. It’s the base for the next generation of Internet protocol coming: the HTTP/3. And, as usual, we are among the first hosting companies to provide this hot speed technology to all our customers.”

Having a fast server is essential in ensuring that your site performs well on the server level, and SiteGround goes the extra distance in offering three layers of caching (Static Cache, Dynamic Cache, Memcached). By running your hosting through our SiteGround server, you can save on hosting expenses while receiving the most powerful, feature-rich managed solution they offer, and it gives you a liaison for technical support needs – if you run into issues, you can either reach out to Valier or to SiteGround, and we will collaborate on a solution.

Security Essentials

This includes installation, configuration, and management of essential security software, as well as ongoing scans and updates to protect both you and your customers against hackers.

Keep your WordPress site up-to-date

Themes, plugins and WP Core will be updated on a monthly basis. Given that most WordPress hacks occur on outdated installs, this is an imperative effort in running a safe, secure WordPress website.

Daily local backups

Basic site backups will be taken daily and stored on your server to ensure that your site can be restored in the event that major unwanted changes occurred. This is your get-out-of-jail-free-card allowing you to perform updates on your site knowing that if things go south, Valier has your back and will restore your site to get you back up and running.

Automated Image Compression and Delivery via CDN

A single un-optimized image can destroy your site performance and increase page load speeds to the point where your conversion rate drops. To avoid this issue, all of our managed sites are equipped with optimization software that automatically resizes and compresses imagery and serves them over a CDN in next-gen formats, with special styling to improve the image loading experience.

Paid licenses for our premium themes or plugins

Almost all of our sites feature multiple premium plugins that require a monthly or annual subscription to use and keep up to date. With this plan, all associated subscription costs are included at no additional cost.

Automated testing for maximum up-time

We will continuously run automated scans that detect major issues on your site, and will provide up to 30 minutes of site restoration services within 24 hours of detecting a major issue. Major issues include broken pages, 500 errors, PHP errors, or other major issues that prevent users from accessing pages on the site.

Up to 30 minutes of consultation time per month

A $92.5 value, this included component allows us to help you navigate the challenges of running your online business without the sticker shock. You can use this time to discuss strategies, ideas, and development – it’s entirely up to you. After the 30 minute mark, consultation time is billed at the standard hourly rate of $185. If you are likely to need more than 30 minutes of consultation time per month, check out our Premium WordPress Management & Optimization plan for unlimited consultation time!

Premium design and development services available at competitive value-based prices

Collaborate with us to build new websites or pages, create powerful, branded digital marketing materials, and any other digital products your heart desires. By picking our Essential WordPress Management & Optimization plan, you are gaining a partner to collaborate with you in all aspects of your digital business. We will be there to help you get your business off the ground, scale with you as you grow, and provide over a decade of experience in building online businesses as you navigate the challenges ahead. All projects are tracked and priced out via a project management board where you can approve prices and oversee all requested tasks from start to finish.

If you want to save money on design and development projects, check out our Premium WordPress Management & Optimization plan for a 20% discount on all invoices!