First Responder

Advanced Automated Website Testing Platform

Don’t guess…KNOW that your website is working.

Have you ever wondered if your website is fully functional on every popular browser and device? So have we. That’s why we developed First Responder: Automated Website Testing Platform. We leverage a full Selenium Testing Grid that runs our advanced testing services on a regular, automated basis, informing us when a test fails, which device/browser combo it failed on, and what the cause of the issue is so that we can proactively fix the issue.

What’s Included / How it Works

eCommerce Website Sidekick

Our eCommerce Website Sidekick will check to make sure that customers can use your “add to cart” or “buy now” buttons, navigate to the cart, and then navigate through to your checkout page. This helps to ensure that your store’s most essential functionality is working on multiple devices and multiple browsers, rather than just assuming that the shop is working because orders keep coming in.

Online Form Verification

Is your contact form working? And if it isn’t, how would your customers notify you of the issue? While you may be able to confirm that it is working, how can you be certain that it is working on a variety of modern devices and browsers, and how often can you afford to manually go and verify this? As you can see, manually testing online forms presents more questions than answers, which is why our Online Form Verification tool makes all the sense in the world. It will automatically detect forms on your site, and attempt to fill out the form and notify us if the form cannot be accessed.

Broken Link Checker Ninja

Our testing platform will scan your website looking for broken links, and will report those to us on a regular basis so that we can resolve the issue. If a redirect is needed, we can use our Broken Link Checker Ninja to minimize the amount of time involved in the process, saving your wallet and your analytics from unnecessary suffering.

Website Down Alert

If your website goes down, our testing platform will notify us and provide us with diagnostics to help pinpoint the reason for the issue. Most importantly, it helps us to minimize the amount of downtime that may occur by helping to notify us before you or your customers discover the issue. Running a website is about being proactive, and our Website Down First Responder helps to stop the bleeding as soon as possible!

Mobile Friendly Test Suite

Are you positive that your website is working on the latest version of Safari for the iPhone 8? What about Firefox for a Surface Pro? Unless you and your developer have access to a plethora of expensive devices, chances are you are just crossing your fingers and fixing issues when customers and employees report them. If your website has significant usability issues for a specific mobile device, then you are certain to lose revenue, which can be doubly problematic when you consider the cost of paid advertising that might be leading mobile users toward a usability brick wall. With our Mobile Friendly Test Suite, we can test on just about any device/browser combination, and unlike manual mobile-friendly testing, we combine it with all of our testing automation services.

Custom Automated Testing (Premium & Enterprise Only)

Do you have some sort of unique functionality on your site that you would like to test on a regular basis? We can custom code any test you can imagine, helping to ensure that your unique website is performing as expected. Note that coding these tests varies on the complexity of the requested test, and will be quoted and billed separately from any

The Power of All Tests Combined

Sure, there are other services out there that claim to check to see if your website is down, or look for broken links, but are they testing meaning that we aren’t just looking at a page to make sure it looks good, our Broken Link Checker Ninja and Website Down First Responder, we are combining all of these tests to help ensure that every combination of device/browser/test passes with flying colors. In a world where customers are more demanding than ever, you simply cannot afford to plan on doing this manually.

Pick your Automated Website Testing Plan:

First Responder

Stay lean and mean with this affordable Automated Website Testing package for startups and small businesses.



  • 3 Devices
  • 4 Browsers
  • 5 Web Pages
  • Tests run once per hour
  • Troubleshooting billed at $165/hr.

First Responder Premium

Premium Automated Website Testing built to support most websites, both large and small. If you aren’t sure, start here.



  • 6 Devices
  • 8 Browsers
  • 10 Web Pages
  • Tests every 30 minutes
  • 30 minutes of free troubleshooting per month, then $165/hr.
  • 1 Custom Test

First Responder Enterprise

Top-tier Automated Website Testing for large corporations and businesses that demand the most of their website.



  • 6 Devices
  • 8 Browsers
  • All Web Pages
  • Tests every 10 minutes
  • 1 hour of troubleshooting per month, then $165/hr.
  • 3 Custom Tests