Video Creation with Missoula Media Company

We are proud to announce that Valier as joined forces with two other Missoula, Montana video creation veterans to create Missoula Media Company – a video production, website design, website development, and graphic design company based out of…well…Missoula. Valier will continue to thrive, but our focus has shifted more towards web application development and away from digital marketing over the years. We have long felt that joining a collective that includes local photography and video production pros would be a good move to expand our capabilities from a digital marketing perspective, and we were right. So far, we are blown away at the way our involvement with MMCO has elevated our digital marketing!

Digital Marketing is Collaborative / Three is Better Than One

At Missoula Media Company, website design, branding, and graphic design can become much more collaborative, with three media professionals at the helm:

Merritt Lentz – Graphic Design, Website Design, and Motion Graphics

Merritt is the founder of Valier and a veteran designer, developer, and graphic designer with over 13 years of professional experience in the industry. According to Merritt, Valier needed to break out of the bubble of working in remote offices and regular Zoom meetings. Valier’s relocation to Missoula, Montana served as the perfect transitional time to make this move, with our new offices located at 101 East Broadway Street – right in the vibrant beating heart of downtown Missoula. This new space with expansive views of the mountains serves as the home of Valier as well as Missoula Media Company.

Benjamin Zeimet – Videography and Photography

Ben is Missoula Media Company’s lead photographer and videographer, and simply put, his work takes all of our projects up 10 levels. Building a website with award winning photography and videography provided by Ben flat out changes the game. During a time where everyone can build a decent looking website, we are separating ourselves from the pack by providing rich media that is captivating and immersive. Additionally, we can now take on full video production projects, where Valier was limited to providing motion graphics and 3d modelling.

Nick Davis – Writing and Producing

Nick is Missoula Media Company’s producer and writer. Nick has an extensive background of over 20 years in video production, and is quite frankly the best producer in the region. His story telling drives branding projects forward into new and illuminating places, and bringing his writing skillset into the website design arena has been transformative in terms of elevating the quality of the content we can create. Nick’s passion for the outdoors and life in Montana has helped him to produce some amazing outdoor video projects, including this amazing video for Epic Montana:

What does this mean for existing Valier clients?

It means that you can now hire us for top-of-the-line video production, photography, and writing through our partnership with Missoula Media Company. Whether you are a locally-based business or one of our clients from around the globe, we would love to work with you remotely or travel to a filming location to create immersive rich media for your brand. To learn more about Missoula Media Company and the services we offer, or to ask for a quote, contact MMCO today!