Premium WordPress Management
& Optimization

The best of the best FOR the best of the best.

Top-tier WordPress performance, stability, and security for brands with high expectations and aspirations

Our Premium WordPress Management & Optimization service takes all of the guess work and turbulence out of owning a WordPress site, giving you the peace of mind that your site is performing well, protected against hackers, and up to date.

We will work constantly to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that your site outperforms the competition and gives your brand the presentation it deserves.


What’s included

This is the most powerful, secure, and effective optimization and management package we offer, and it comes packed with features and services that will keep your site humming along 24/7 x 365:

90+ (desktop) and 50+ (mobile) scores in PageSpeed Insights

Our premium optimization service includes all ongoing efforts – both manual and automated – to optimize the site and research solutions with a focus on emerging key factors like Web Core Vitals. Website performance and Web Core Vitals ratings are going to be a critical part of your website’s overall page experience score and, therefore, a website’s overall search engine results pages (SERP) visibility starting in May, 2021: Note that we can only guarantee the possibility of 90+ (desktop) and 50+ (mobile) scores in PageSpeed Insights for sites that use our themes, plugins, and fast hosting provided by SiteGround. Sites that use other themes, plugins, servers, resource intensive media, or slow third party scripts may not be capable of reaching these scores. If this is the case, we will inform you of which components are slowing your site down and collaborate to get the best score we can achieve for your specific site configuration.

Optional Premium Hosting (no additional cost)

Host your website on our premium SiteGround server, featuring UltraFast PHP and QUIC (eventually HTTP/3) at no additional cost. “QUIC considerably increases site loading speed when you have poor connectivity. It’s the base for the next generation of Internet protocol coming: the HTTP/3. And, as usual, we are among the first hosting companies to provide this hot speed technology to all our customers.” Having a fast server is essential in ensuring that your site performs well on the server level, and SiteGround goes the extra distance in offering three layers of caching (Static Cache, Dynamic Cache, Memcached). By running your hosting through our SiteGround server, you can save on hosting expenses while receiving the most powerful, feature-rich managed solution they offer, and it gives you a liaison for technical support needs – if you run into issues, you can either reach out to Valier or to SiteGround, and we will collaborate on a solution.

Premium Security w/ Advanced Real-time Protection

This includes premium security software licenses on every site, a $99/yr. per site value. This software includes real-time IP blacklist, firewall rule updates, and malware signature updates. It also includes a full security audit, configuration, and ongoing efforts to improve site security and scan for vulnerabilities, protecting both you and your customers against hackers.

Keep your WordPress site up-to-date

All themes and plugins will be updated on a monthly basis or when major security patches are released. It also includes any time spent fixing custom themes or plugins developed by Valier to work with WordPress core updates.

Encrypted backups stored on separate S3 instance for total redundancy

This extra layer of redundancy is a critical part of the health of the site. We create hourly, daily, monthly incremental backups of your site on a regular basis, encrypt them, and store them on an Amazon S3 server. Even if your web host completely burns to the ground, your site will be securely stored and ready to deploy from the S3 server. All S3 hosting costs are included.

Paid licenses for our premium themes or plugins

Almost all of our sites feature multiple premium plugins that require a monthly or annual subscription to use and keep up to date. With this plan, all associated subscription costs are included at no additional cost.

Automated Image Compression and Delivery Through CDN

A single un-optimized image can destroy your site performance and increase page load speeds to the point where your conversion rate drops. To avoid this issue, all of our managed sites are equipped with optimization software that automatically resizes and compresses imagery and serves them over a CDN in next-gen formats.

Priority phone/email/text support

Call or message Valier for fast, efficient support from a team that knows your website inside and out. Subscribers to this premium plan will have priority in the daily workflow, helping to ensure that your questions are answered quickly and efficiently.

Discounted design and development services

Subscribing customers will receive 20% off of every invoice total for all projects under $5000 total. Most of our customers request 2-3 miscellaneous projects per month, which might be as simple as a navigation update or as complex as a whole page with unique interactive elements. Depending on your workload, this can be a huge savings that pays for the subscription on its own!

Advanced automated testing and site restoration services

We will continuously run automated scans that detect major issues on your site, and will proactively fix any issues detected by our automated testing platforms. If your site goes down for any reason, Valier will restore it at no additional cost. It doesn’t matter if you break it or a third party developer breaks it…whatever the cause may be, we’ll fix it.

Strategy and consultation services

Jump on the phone or conferencing to discuss strategies, ideas, and development for up to one hour each month without being charged for consultation time. We have helped dozens of start-ups get off the ground, have helped large international enterprises tackle complex marketing and development challenges, and everything in between. By partnering with Valier, you gain an ally who is dedicated towards helping you succeed.