Web Design and Web Development

This is our bread and butter. At Valier Media, we have a decade of experience in designing and developing websites and web applications that drive traffic, captivate visitors, and boost sales. From basic WordPress sites to complex web-based productivity tools, there is no project too small or large, simple or complex.

Website Design

A good website design is not only visually captivating, but is designed with users in mind. We take great care in our process of understanding your target audience and how they will interact with your website before a single pixel is designed. We bring this understanding into the working space by designing UX wireframes that help to organize the website for easy user access and interactivity. Once the framework is established, we use it as a blueprint for housing the primary design components, such as graphics, imagery, video and text. Fonts are carefully chosen to match your brand and increase visitor appeal and imagery is either created or selected to ensure a unique and captivating experience. We then bring all of this together into a website design that will impress visitors and drive sales.

Website Development

This refers to the actual “building” of a website or web application. Utilizing the most modern programming languages, libraries, and tools, we build your website from the ground up. We use many of our own in-house plugins and libraries to help expedite this process and to ensure security and stability while keeping the development cost-effective. All of our systems are easily updated or expanded, giving you the perfect building blocks for the continued growth of your business.

Website Updates and Maintenance

A website is a working document. Once your site has been launched, you will need to ensure that the site stays secure by monitoring the site for potential security vulnerabilities. This generally includes updating plugins and libraries, running regular security scans, and performing backups. In addition to security needs, you are likely going to want to add or modify your website from time to time. At Valier, we provide ongoing maintenance services for many of our clients to help them ensure that their website stays up to date with fresh content, design adjustments, and security monitoring so that you can focus on running your business with the peace of mind knowing that your website is in good hands.

Web Application Development

What is a web application? Web applications generally refer to a web-based system that focuses more on continued interaction by users. Facebook.com for example, is a web application. At Valier, we relish the opportunity to collaborate with our clients on the creation and maintenance of web applications. Web applications provide avenues for richer user experiences and interaction, and we jump at the opportunity to contribute towards projects like this.