There are levels to this website thing.

Build a WordPress website
on any budget

A successful website can be built with just about any budget. The key is to find the most effective way to utilize the budget to create a project that accomplishes all of the goals set forward in an efficient and direct manner. The more complex the project becomes, the more resources it requires to complete, which increases the cost of the project. Selecting a tier that fits the complexity of the project and available budget will help to help to align goals and expectations, paving the way for a successful website.

Start small

It isn’t a great idea to spend your entire marketing budget on a website. In addition to building a website, you will want to save some of your marketing budget for SEO, Social Media Campaigns, and website improvements. For most startups, it is better to start small, and then build your dream site as you go. Here is a breakdown of each WordPress website tier:


Starts at $40/mo.

A website in this tier is a professionally designed and developed site that we will customize to fit your brand. It comes packaged with a variety of high-end features, and is fully scalable – meaning that you can add new functionality, content, and styling down the road without having to start from scratch. This is a great solution for any startup that is just looking to establish their online presence quickly and affordably.

**Hosting included

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  • Mobile Optimized Website
    Your website will be professionally-designed and developed to work flawlessly on any popular/modern device. This is imperative in order to rank in search results.
  • Upload your logo
    Send us your logo and we will optimize it and upload it to your new site. Once it has been uploaded, we will configure the site to display your logo prominently and proudly on all pages.
  • Select custom colors and fonts
    Add your own branded style to your site to make it match your logo and other collateral. This is an important part of adding personality to your site!
  • 1 hour of Marketing Consultation
    This is often the biggest reason why you should work with a marketing professional while building your site. We will have two 30 minute phone calls to go over strategy, branding, social media, and more. We are all about giving you a fishing pole instead of just the fish! Note that this means 1 hour total, not 1 hour per month.
  • Full block editor
    Make use of one the best block editors of all time to quickly build pages and blog posts. You can add columns, images, videos, social posts without having to touch a single line of code!
  • Basic content creation for up to 3 pages
    We want to see our customers get off on the right foot. With 3 pages included in the base cost, we will help you to create a homepage, contact page, and about page. You just have to supply the copy!
  • Blog
    Your blog is your go-to place to post content related to company and industry news, events, and really anything that you feel is relevant. The best part? Creating blog posts helps to boost your search rankings!
  • Contact Form and Social Media Links
    Help your customers connect with you! Add your email address to receive contact form submissions directly to your inbox, and add your social media URLs to automatically display icons that link to your various social media pages.


Starts at $5000

Great for startups with a vision and readily available content. This tier includes everything from the “Good” tier, with the addition of custom website design to allow you to really take control of the look and feel of your website. We will collaborate with you to create and refine a unique design concept that is unlike any other website. Once the concept is approved, we will build it into a fully functioning website and collaborate with you to actualize your vision.

**Hosting available but not included

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  • Everything from “Good” and…
    This package includes everything that you see in the “Good” website list, plus much, much more.
  • Completely custom website design
    We will create mockups and collaborate with you to refine a completely unique and custom website design. This will help your brand to really stand out!
  • UX Wireframes
    Before creating your website mockups, we will deliver a series of black and white “wireframes” that will help us to collaborate with you on the overall structure and layout of your website. Think of it like a blueprint. Would you want to build a home without a blueprint?
  • Advanced Marketing Consultation
    During the course of this project, we will take a deeper dive into your marketing presence. We will evaluate your branding, your competition, and more. Perfect for companies that take their branding seriously and want to formulate a long term strategy that will allow them to be consistent in their messaging and stand out from their competitors.
  • Advanced content integration (up to 10 pages)
    These days, content is king. In fact, content has been king for so long that the phrase has almost become worn out. What that means is that your competitors have been creating content for years, which will help them to rank highly in the search results. Use our advanced content integration to get a head start with 10 custom landing pages!
  • Advanced Security and Maintenance
    • Premium backup service, with daily, weekly, and monthly backups stored on an encrypted S3 server.
    • Perform pre-update backups to create a safe restore point in the event of an update failure
    • Regular updating of themes/plugins/WP Core
    • Regular site usability testing
    • Security scans and firewall reports
    • Check and maintain SSL validity
    • Run ongoing 404 scans and create
    • redirects when discovered
    • Performance scans, make recommendations when discovered
    • Premium CDN with automatic image compression, javascript/css optimization
    • Site snapshots to track user interactivity
  • Advanced Caching and Optimization
    In order to gain an edge on your competition, you will want to make sure your site is optimized and loads as quickly as possible, especially on mobile devices.
  • Automated social sharing
    Your site will be configured to automatically share blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also choose to enable/disable sharing on a per-post basis. Imagine writing four blog posts and having them automatically post to your website and social media accounts each week…its a HUGE time saver!


Ask for a quote

This is the high end of premium website design and development. The cat’s meow. The bees knees. The “Best” website design tier includes everything from the previous two tiers with the addition of mobile design concepts with greater flexibility for revisions, as well as custom functionality such as API integrations. Pricing in this tier varies depending on the features requested. Give us a call to talk shop!

**Hosting available but not included

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  • Everything from “Better” and…
    This package is a “better” website, with the addition of high-end custom features. If your project will require advanced functionality, such as a customized event booking system or API integration, you will want to start here.
  • Mobile Design Mockups
    This package takes the mockups from the “better” package and takes it to a whole new level by including design concepts for mobile devices. This will give you greater control with regards to how your website looks and functions on mobile platforms. With such a large population of visitors using mobile devices, this can be a critical component of the success of your website!
  • Custom Post Types with Unique Templates
    What types of pages will you need besides standard pages? For example, let’s say that you want to have a custom page layout for employee profiles, or a custom layout for videos you post to your site. This feature will help us to organize this data efficiently and display it in a uniform way across your entire website!
  • API Integrations
    Do you want to connect your website to Instagram in a unique way? Perhaps you would like to integrate your contact form with an existing CRM or email marketing service. Utilizing an application’s API allows you to do just about anything on your website and have it trigger an event within a completely separate application, or visa-versa!
  • Custom admin features
    Creating custom admin features can help to make your site easier to update and manage. For example, let’s say you want to create a custom Guttenberg block to help you create formatted content quickly and efficiently. We can build that block for you, saving you tons of time down the road that would be spent creating the same layouts over and over. This can also be a huge plus if you have relatively untrained staff members updating your site, as it will make it easier to update the site without breaking anything.
  • User accounts
    Add the ability for your customers to sign up for and manage user accounts, right on your website! This is a great way to continually interact with your customers and to keep them coming back for more. Great for community-focused websites!
  • Integration with third party services
    Is there a plugin that you want to use on your site that will require custom configuration? If so, we can add and configure that plugin for you.