Marketing and Maintenance Subscription

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Save time and money with a Marketing and Maintenance Subscription

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Discounted Pricing

Our standard hourly rate is $145/hr. For subscribing customers, this rate is reduced depending on the number of hours requested. See the pricing table below for more details:

Hours Price per hour
1-5 $140/hr
6-10 $135/hr
11-20 $130/hr
21-30 $125/hr
31-40 $120/hr
41+ $115/hr

*Please note that pricing is subject to change.

Faster Turnarounds

We schedule projects out, sometimes several months in advance. Purchasing a subscription allows you to lock down a set number of hours in our production schedule each month, helping to avoid longer delays. In today’s marketing world, immediacy is everything!

Automated Billing

Automated billing helps us spend less time submitting repetitive invoices, freeing up more of our time to put towards the success of your project! We accept all major credit cards and debit cards, and process monthly payments using our secure processing partner. Your payment information is stored remotely with one of the leading payments providers in the world, not on our site. It’s safe, secure, and saves time.

Dashboard Area with Reports

Once you set up your subscription, you will be given secure access to your own dashboard area. Each month, itemized reports will be uploaded to this dashboard area for you to view and download. These reports describe, in detail, the number of hours spent on each of your projects, showing you how your subscription hours were utilized each month.

Increase or decrease subscription hours at any time

Do you have a larger project coming down the pipes that will need extra attention? If so, you can easily upgrade your subscription by logging into your dashboard area and updating your subscription hours. Conversely, you can also decrease the number of hours you have in your subscription or cancel it altogether. Unlike many subscription services, we make this easy for you to do right from your account so that you can quickly modify your subscription to match your changing budget.

*Please note that all subscriptions are prepaid for the next month of service, so changes will go into effect during the next billing cycle.

Additional information

Number of Hours

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