Month: June 2021

How can I stop my website from breaking?

It’s Black Friday at 4am, and you receive one of the worst emails you can receive – “Is your website down?” You notice the email when you wake up, almost spit out your coffee, and frantically reach out to your web developer while dreadful questions spin around in your mind: “how long has my website been down? How much revenue was lost? Are we going to be able to fix it today?” At Valier, don’t ever want our customers to have a morning like that, so we have developed a reliable automated website testing platform to proactively detect problems before your customers spot them.

Meet First Responder

Advanced Automated Website Testing Platform

First Responder by Valier utilizes Selenium Testing to detect problems with your website, including broken “add to cart” buttons, contact forms, and menus, before you, your boss, employees, or your customers run into the issue. We can record sessions on multiple browsers and devices (and multiple versions of each!), store those tests for review, and programmatically test core functionality on your website. We can truly put your website to the test, as often as every ten minutes, meaning that we will receive a notification describing the browser, device, and area of your website that is not functioning properly. At that point, we can begin proactively troubleshooting the issue. That is so much better than having to hear about the issue from your boss, customer, or employee!

Key Features

  • Website Down Alert – Tracks whether your website is fundamentally loading
  • eCommerce Website Sidekick – Performs essential eCommerce tasks to ensure that the store is functional
  • Broken Link Checker Ninja – Scans your website for not only broken links, but links that are not accessible on various mobile devices
  • Online Form Verification – Tests to make sure that your contact forms are accessible
  • Mobile Friendly Test Suite – Test your site on a variety of phones, tablets, and laptops
  • Custom Automated Testing – Work with us to craft custom tests built specifically for your website

Ok. But but how much does it cost?

These custom automated website tests are built from the ground up, which is typically a cost-prohibitive endeavor for most website owners. First Responder bridges the gap between the powers and capabilities of Selenium Testing and the ease of implementation to make it feasible for the average website owner. Our various pricing plans give website owners a handful of options to better fit within their budget, while still giving them the tools that they need to know that their website is running.